Financial Aid for College Students


The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod has a tradition of supporting higher education, and many of her congregations have their own means of offering spiritual and monetary support to college and seminary students. Some parishes even have recruitment committees which foster church service vocations through prayer and public relations. Such committees have been encouraged throughout the Synod.

The New Jersey District offers financial assistance to its college and seminary bound students, and those enrolled in alternate programs leading to parish ministry. All recipients must be communicant members of LCMS, New Jersey District congregations. Students must be enrolling at the colleges and seminaries of the Synod, and have declared their intention to enter a full-time ministry of the church.

A Bachelor of Arts program is assumed for all teachers, DCEs and other ministries. Those seeking the pastoral office will work for a Masters in Divinity; however, recently alternate roots toward pastoral ministry have been established within the Synod.

All students interested in Church Service Grants and/or the District President's Scholarship must complete the New Jersey District Scholarship Application Form (click to download), in addition to the documents listed below. 

Church Service Grants

Church Service Grants are awarded to full-time students whose vocational intention is church service.  Undergraduate grants are awarded yearly in the amount of $1500 each. All grants are paid directly to the institution and credited to your account: half in the fall, half in the spring.

You must apply for the Church Service Grant each year. You must do so using the District Financial Aid Application (DFAA) form which you get from the college or university’s Financial Aid Office. The DFAA is how the District knows you are still in school and pursuing your church service vocation. The DFAA is how you ask for the grant. It is to be signed by your pastor and the school’s financial aid officer before it comes to the New Jersey District.

A new DFAA is filled out each spring for the following September. While your FAO should remind you to do this, don’t assume they will. Ask for it around Easter. DFAA forms received after October 1st will be considered for the spring.


The New Jersey District offers one scholarship each spring to a graduating High School senior who has decided upon a church service vocation in the Missouri Synod and been accepted by one of her colleges. The scholarship is $8000 to be paid over the four years you are at college. You may use it at any of the schools in the Concordia University System.

The winner of the scholarship will be notified by letter. The award is usually presented during Sunday morning worship. As with the grant, the award of money is paid directly to the school in your name.

Those interested in the Scholarship should notify the District Financial Aid Officer of his or her intention shortly after Christmas. This may be done by phone or e-mail. The application form, along with letters of endorsement from your pastor, teachers and guidance counselor should reach the NJD office by Easter. The District President should make his decision by May 1st.


Direct correspondence and paper work should be sent to:

Rev. Stephen Vogt
Prince of Peace Lutheran Church
3320 Rt. 94
Hamburg, NJ 07419

DEADLINES & Additional Information

  • Requests for grants are made using the DFAA.
  • The DFAA should be filled in each Spring for the following Fall.
  • Those seeking a scholarship should also complete the DFAA.
  • Scholarship applicants should also fill out the DFAA, as it lets the District know you are still in school.
  • The District will award a scholarship or a grant, but not both.
  • For more scholarship & grant possibilities, check the LCMS website.
  • Speak with your pastor or church worker.
  • Check out your school’s website, and Admissions or Financial Aid offices.

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